A Birdie Said You Can Play Golf

The State's golf courses can open after a miscommunication which saw all golf clubs and facilities told to close immediately.

That has been retracted after media spoke to NSW Sports Minister Geoff Lee who said there was a bit of confusion, golf courses are allowed to be open.

Mr Lee said we want to encourage people to play sports… as long as they follow the social distancing rule.

Golf NSW CEO Stuart Fraser said Golf is a game that has multiple physical, but probably, in this insistence, mental benefits.

He said people are spending so much time at home now, to be able to get out on a course, and mentally try and detach what’s going on around us, is really important.

Golfers should contact their club to see if they intend to remain open before cranking up the golf cart and are reminded that bars and restaurants are not open.

Some people have expressed concerns as to whether those over 70, who have been told to stay indoors, are allowed to play.