Bob Hickson - a personal rememberance

By Jon Wolfe - News Editor 88.9FM

Well known Tamworth identity Bob Hickson passed away earlier this week and although I didn’t know Bob when he was a fine cricketer here in Tamworth, my father-in-law, Glen Crosby, who was an umpire back then, said he was an “iconic and well-respected player – a slow bowler and a useful lower order batsman”.

“He was a life member of the Police Boys Cricket Club - now Old Boys - and captained the team for some time, and was always passing on his experience to younger players,” Glen told me.

I didn’t know him as a painter either, and it was only in the last decade or so that I connected him with the Hickson signwriting company, although I’ve passed the building in William Street at least a million times!

I first met Bob as a ‘newbie’ at 2TM in the early 1990s –it seems so much like a lifetime ago – when I arrived in Tamworth from Perth to work on the Hoedown radio program.

He was working as the sports reporter for 2TM – no 92.9fm then – and he was always willing to pass on information that might help a young blow-in better understand his new environment, and not just all the latest on sport.

But what he didn’t know about sport – especially local sport – probably wasn’t worth knowing.

I seem to remember he had a more than passing interest in country music – did he do some fill-in shifts on Hoedown? – and he was very supportive of me when I took over as the CapNewsMan (editor) of the BAL Marketing publication Capital News.

As you do, even in a small city like Tamworth, you lose touch with fellow workers after you leave an organisation, but there were more than a few times when we would pass each other in the street or the odd time in a supermarket and he always said hello and sometimes he even stopped for a quick chat.

My memory plays tricks sometimes but I’m sure I never saw him in a bad mood or angry at work, and I will always remember him with that slightly lop-sided smile and a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

Rest In Peace Bob.