Country Music Capital Top 20 August 23, 2019

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

There isn't much movement in our chart this week -- but what is there is BIG -- in so much as Roo Arcus' "Tumbleweed" moves up seven places and into the top 10 at #7 after just three weeks and Lee Kernaghan's "Backroad Nation" moves down nine places to #20.

Gina Jeffreys still rates #1 with "Cash" and "You Don't Know Me Lonely" by SaltBushSix moves up one spot to #2, relegating "Aussie As" by Matt Scullion to #3.

There's only one new entry, but it has certainly made an impression by entering at #15 -- it's the first solo effort by former INXS alumni Andrew Farris called "Come Midnight".

Camille Trail's "Humming Chain" dropped out after only one week and the three new Hit Picks are: Adam Brand's "Life's Been Good To Me', Busby Marou's "Over Drinking Over You and Darlinghurst's "Sorry Won't Get You Back".