Country Music Capital Top 20 Dec 13, 2019

Adam Brand has risen to the top of the chart in short order – just six weeks after the release of ‘Speed Of Life’ and that means Casey Barnes and ‘A Little More’ has moved to #2, while Felicity Urquhart has moved up four places into #3 with ‘Frozen Rabbit’. Only one song has made the move into the top ten – ‘That’s Our Thang’ by SaltbushSix moves into #9. Two new entries make the chart this week – ‘Stronger’ by Lloyd Back (#19) and ‘Diamonds’ by Morgan Evans (#20). Some may find it interesting that our Hit Picks this week are by artists already in the chart – but that comes from the fact that artists are releasing new singles at a faster rate these days (sometimes three or four before an album comes out). They are ‘Candles Burning’ by Ashleigh Dallas, ‘No Other You’ by Casey Barnes & Missy Lancaster and ‘Three Sons’ by Aleyce Simmonds.