COVID-19 tracking app

Australia may soon be adopting a new mobile app that tracks coronavirus victims and anyone they come into contact with.

The Federal Government wants to introduce the app, now being used in Singapore, within a fortnight and will outline the plan to premiers during the next meeting of the national cabinet on Thursday.

It will be part of a broader strategy to point to an exit from the tough Covid-19 restrictions which have shut businesses and confined millions to their homes.

The app works by tracking the location and all movements of the user allowing them to be notified if they've come close with a confirmed case of the virus. It also allows you to contact your doctor after being notified and to track your symptoms. For the app to work effectively, roughly 40 per cent of the population would need to be using it.

While the app would be voluntary, its introduction could raise privacy and cyber security issues and concerns it might later be used for surveillance. Others suggest it's a small price to pay to protect the health of the community.