Egg farm is solar side up

Local egg farmers Bede and Narelle Burke have slashed their power bills by 60 per cent, saving $80,000 a year, after the installation of solar panels at their farms last year.

The egg farmers claim that with more price hikes expected on energy bills over the coming years, they have managed to beat the hikes with the switch to solar energy.

Australian egg producers like the Burkes are some of Australia's biggest supporters of solar power, as they are farming’s biggest and most consistent energy users.

The Burkes, at Glendon near Tamworth, say the initial $175,000 investment in solar will pay for itself in power bill savings over the next three years.

Managing Director of the peak Australian industry organisation, Australian Eggs, Rowen McMonnies says the move to solar on egg farms makes sense due to having plenty of roof space and spare land.

Image: Bede Bourke (FarmOnLine)