Tamworth publican Mike Foxman is currently sitting behind bars in Sydney following new harassment allegations that have been laid against him.

The owner of the Imperial Brewhouse in Tamworth fronted a Sydney court earlier this week after its alleged that he harassed staff at a workplace in Tamworth electronically from Sydney.

Foxman who was already on bail for other charges, (which included harassment), was living in Sydney because he was prohibited to return to his Tamworth home earlier this year following the other charges.

A Sydney Magistrate ordered Foxman to be remanded in custody after his bids for bail were refused.

Foxman will face Tamworth local court this October and will be sentenced for other offences which include a further two counts of intimidation, allowing indecency at a licensed venue and furnishing an Entertainment area without development consent.

Mr Foxman maintains that the Police, Tamworth City Council and former employees have conspired against him to destroy his business.