Updated: Jun 10

The Board of Tamworth Broadcasting Society Inc. (TBI), operators of Radio 88.9/96.3fm announced today that they have established

a new company and will be known as Tamworth Broadcast Services (Operations) Ltd., TBS.

Two other companies TBS Licences Pty Ltd and TBS Assets Pty Ltd have also been established.

Board President Mr John Brand said that “the current company, TBI, as a society had outgrown its status as a state operation under Fair Trading. The company would now provide services operating within Federal legislation. The station operates broadcast licences under the Broadcast Services Act with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) under Federal Legislation.

Mr Brand said “national programming under license with iHeart Australia has meant the station now broadcasts its programs across Australia and internationally. The company is building business interests outside of NSW, and the new structure will allow the company to expand these new services. There will be

no changes to broadcast programs on 88.9/96.3fm.

The company will be split up into TBS Operations which produces program services and operates as not-for-profit, TBS Assets which controls studios, transmitters in Tamworth and Quirindi and contracts with organisations that broadcast services from the company’s transmission facilities situated on Bald Hill, overlooking Tamworth and TBS licenses which will hold various broadcast, ACMA radio communications licences and licence agreements with national and international companies.

The station also released today the results of an independent survey by McNair yellow Squares, for a national Community Radio listener survey. Commissioned by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) the survey covers the listening habits of Australians. Other than the Capital Cities, the Greater Tamworth region was one of only three regional areas surveyed. McNair conducted a hybrid telephone and online survey of a representative sample of 1,100 over the age of 15.

The station’s CEO George Frame said “the results exceeded our expectations and revealed the station had over 31,000 listeners per week in the Greater Tamworth Region. Our breakfast program and morning show reaches over 22,000 people daily.

“The survey shows we are predominant in our target audience market of 25 plus and our regional news regularly attracted 66% of the station’s regional listening audience. This was due to listeners wanting the latest COVID-19 and local information, with the staff working long hours to provide a continuous report on air and the station’s Facebook page.

“In the Johnny Mac 9 to 12 Morning Show, the station has been trialing a system for people to leave their recorded messages on any local issues of concern. It has been extremely successful, so we have now installed new equipment to allow talkback live-to-air with our listeners across the New England Northwest and Liverpool Plains.”

The talkback segments will commence on the 27th of September.