NZ Warriors move into Tamworth's West's Mercure Hotel

The last time the New Zealand Warriors NRL team came to Tamworth it was a whirlwind as they had to uproot away from their families in New Zealand and the entire club entered the bubble which turned out to be tough for all players involved.

This year, the club has bought not just the whole contingent of players and staff, but some families have arrived in Tamworth with players.

Warriors CEO Cameron George told 88.9fm’s Morning Show host Johnny Mac that while some families came with the players, others will be watching on from New Zealand.

Mr George said a few families were able to come this time, which is fantastic and some more will join us when we move down toTerrigal. What we are creating here is one big family environment though, and making sure that’s at the forefront of our thinking most of the time.

IMAGE: Cameron George (courtesy of Keven Anderson's facebook page)