Police are on the case

Community leaders and police have again reiterated the importance of social distancing in the wake of what appears to be a steep increase in the numbers of people contracting the Covid 19 virus in the new England region.

Tamworth’s Inspector Jeff Budd said the fact of the matter is that the virus is here.

Inspector Budd said “We want people to take control of this environment themselves, because they’re the only ones who can change it. Take notice of the all the health warnings and the key to this is the community.

“You need to be smart, you need to stay isolated, stay away from friend and stop doing the stupid things that will make this virus worse than it should be.”

Oxley Commander Kylie Endemi said this health crisis is like nothing we have experienced before and police are permitted to use all available powers to enforce all covid 19 health orders.

Commander Endemi said officers will continue to conduct pro-active patrols right across the district and reminded citizens that anyone who chooses to participate in criminal behaviour, that as always it will not be tolerated but particularly at this time they will not tolerate criminal behaviour.

"There has already been a number of Covid 19 social distancing breaches reported to Crimestoppers and I encourag community members to continue to report any breaches'" Commander Endemi said.

Images: L-R: Chief Inspector Jeff Budd, Tamworth Mayor Col Murray, Camnder Endemi and member for Tasmworth Kevin Anderson.