Road Status as at 9:30am, Wednesday 12 Feb 2020

Updated: Feb 12, 2020



Price Road – water over road – drive with caution

Yarrol Lane – open with caution, washouts at various locations.

Appleby Lane

Borah Road – 1x lane open with caution

Soldier Settlement Road – open with caution


William Street / Starr Lane low level crossing

Burgmans Lane – Goonoo Goonoo Creek

Bective Lane

Davidsons Lane

Goonan Street

Old Winton Road

Wallamore Road – Kingsford Smith Street to Evans Street causeways closed

Warral Road

Most of the roads closed overnight have re-opened, however do take care of slippery surfaces and leftover debris.

If there is water over the road – go back! Drive responsibly.

Don’t move Road Closed signs, it is illegal to do so, and you put other drivers at risk.

New roads closed:

· Davidson Lane, Moore Creek.

· Warral Road, near Timbumburi Creek, West Tamworth.

Roads remaining closed:

· Old Winton Road, near Bective Lane.

· Goonan Street, Kingsford Smith Street to Evans Street causeway closed, Westdale.

· Wallamore Road, Kingsford Smith Street to Evans Street causeways closed, Westdale.

New roads open:

· Appleby Lane, near Oxley Highway, Bective.

Roads remained open:

· Duri Dungowan Road, between Loomberah Hall and Tongues Lane/Pendene Road intersection.

· Osborne Road, Bendemeer.

· Borah Road at Tarpoly Bridge, Upper Manilla (1 x lane open – proceed with caution).

· Burgmanns Lane, creek between Goonoo Goonoo Road and Burgess Lane.

· Williams Street low-level crossing, Barraba.

· Soldiers Settlement Road, near Oxley Highway at Bective (open with caution).