Second stabbing attack in eight days

Police believe another stabbing attack in Tamworth around 7am on Sunday morning was targeted after a confrontation between several men inside a home in West Tamworth near the McDonalds restaurant.

Officers quickly moved on one of three men they allege were inside the home in Thomas Street, near McDonalds in West Tamworth.

It started sometime after 7am after a confrontation between several men inside the location.

Police were on the scene after an hour later and found a 31-year-old male victim had been knifed in the back, but suffered "non-life threatening injuries" and he was taken to Tamworth hospital and was believed to be in a stable condition.

As a result of police investigations, a 40-year-old man was arrested on Sunday at a premises in West Tamworth and he's been charged with assault.

Further inquiries are continuing into two outstanding persons in the premises at the time of the incident who fled from the scene before police arrived.

It's the second stabbing in eight days in Tamworth.