Snake not welcome in playground

Yesterday the Tamworth Regional Playground had a visit from a snake - but it wasn't a welcome playmate.

It's another timely reminder that with the weather warming up, residents should be aware of the potential danger of snakes.

If you see a snake:

*do not approach it, attempt to kill it or try to capture it.

*keep your distance, stay calm and advise others that there is a snake close by and to be aware *if the snake poses a risk to a person(s) safety or is aggressive, you should contact the following for assistance;

a. Wires (1300 131 554)

b. A qualified snake catcher (We recommend Scott Grube 0409 364 022)

c. TRIPLE ZERO (000) and ask for Fire Brigade (Fire and Rescue teams have trained personnel to handle and remove snakes

Image: TRC