NSW students to return to school one day a week from mid-May

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed that NSW students will be asked to return to school for one day a week from the 3rd week of Term 2 which is May 11.

The staggered start will then transition to twice a week and be in a position at the end of term 2 where students will be going back to school in a full capacity by term 3.

According to NSW Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell, schools will work on a rostered basis.

"We want them to make sure they are having about a quarter of students on campus each day, but how they break that group up will be a matter for them. But we are asking them to certainly consider family groupings, keeping siblings together, so that that will make it a lot easier for parents as we transition back to normal schooling," she said.

Schools will have the capacity for temperature checks where they think it's appropriate and extra cleaning of playground equipment and other things during the day to ensure that not only are our school communities safe, but everybody feels safe within them, whether you're a parent, a student, and, of course, our teachers.