The three-stage plan to getting through COVID-19

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined a rough three-stage plan to lifting Coronavirus restrictions in Australia.

Implementing the stages will be up to individual States/ Territories to suit their own environments. We expect to hear an announcement soon from each State/Territory Premier on when this will be implemented.

Restrictions will be lifted in this order:

1. Greater connection with friends and family: This step will allow gatherings of up to 10 people and five guests in your own home. Lap swimmers will be allowed back in pools. Boot camps allowed back on in parks. Retail and small cafes will reopen. Interstate travel will start again. Funerals will be allowed 30 people and weddings will be allowed 10 people.

2. Larger gatherings: Step two will allow gatherings of up to 20 people, including cinemas and galleries. Other openings include community sport, beauty parlours and barre classes (for example). Camping grounds and caravan parks will also be reopened.

3. Pubs and clubs reopen: Gatherings of up to 100 people will be allowed. Most workers back at their workplace. Pubs and clubs will reopen. Interstate travel will resume totally.