As Tamworth saw a moderate flood warning yesterday, two local men had to be rescued from the raging Peel River overnight, after they launched an inflatable Lilo near Hungry Jacks in Tamworth just after 8pm Tuesday night.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after the two men became stranded in the river torrent and became stuck in the rising floodwaters.

And at around 5pm on Tuesday a local resident became a hero to one local P Plate Driver after they drove their Mazda through rising flood waters at the Gipps Street playing fields.

A Local Resident driving a Nissan Patrol dragged the small vehicle out of the flood waters and according to reports the P Plater was extremely grateful for the random act of kindness.

Following the two incidents, Emergency Services personnel are again reminding residents not to drive, ride, walk or use inflatables like Lilo’s during floods.

They also remind residents if they need help and the situation is life threatening call 000, but for other help in floods call the S.E.S on 132 500.