Water shortages for irrigators despite the rain

A new report issued by Australia's top water authorities has revealed many water users across the New England North West are still in drought. According to the Murray Darling Basin Authority, despite La Nina conditions, the water storage results have demonstrated how patchy the rainfall has been. Peel Valley irrigator and Cockburn Valley Water Users and Landcare Association member Ian Coxhead says at present despite the recent rains, the New England North West is still hanging on a knife edge. He says all the irrigators and water users find themselves with a water shortage because the flows from the Namoi, Peel and Cockburn rivers have already been taken, and is campaigning the state government to allow irrigators more access to water. As it stands, irrigators across the Peel have to wait for Chaffey Dam to reach 50 percent before they will be allocated any water. At present Chaffey Dam is sitting at 41.9 percent and with little to no rain on the horizon, irrigators will have to wait a little longer to be allocated water.

Chaffey Dam