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Become a member today!

We are inviting you to join 88.9fm New England Northwest/ 96.3fm Liverpool Plains Radio as a member!

Your membership will directly support the work of the station and help ensure our listeners continue to stay informed about news, current affairs, social issues, and to be entertained.

It is the memberships and donations by our valued listeners and volunteers who keep this vital service going, and we hope you too can become a part of our community.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to member only events.

  • Opportunities to participate and volunteer for community events.

  • Participate in decision making through committee membership.

  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting and have your say in the direction of the station (over 18).

  • Receive all the latest updates, news and announcements through the 88.9fm/96.3fm newsletter

  • Free on-air opportunities for interviews to discuss your not-for-profit community activities and events.

  • Your membership fees help the further growth and development of the radio station

Our station broadcasts to the North West, New England and Liverpool Plains areas but membership is open to all with a keen interest in serving our communities. 

Email a completed membership application form to [email protected] 

or you can  print it off and post to PO Box 998, Tamworth NSW 2340, or fill up the application form below.

Your commitment will allow us to continue our work both on and off air in providing quality radio and community involvement. Thank you in advance for your support!


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