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Stay tuned for our upcoming summer giveaway. #keystosummer.png

Get ready for 88.9fm/96.3fm’s amazing #summer giveaway!

Hold onto your hats! We're cooking up something hot for our Keys to Summer promo, where you could win your share in over $20K in prizes!

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for more juicy deets.

And hey, don't forget to follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates.

gob 2023  28-7 (2).png

Every weekday morning, around 8:10am,

Howdy will play a mystery voice and open up the competition line 6766 1889,

for listeners to have a guess on who the gob is.

Guess it right and you WIN the cash!!!

Cash prize starts at $50 for every new gob and jackpots $20 everyday until we get a winner.

Thanks to our sponsor Shuttlelink Tamworth.

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