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Spend $30 or more at Transwest Fuels Pty Ltd CBD  for your chance to WIN $100 worth of petrol.

Write your name and contact number at the back of your receipt and drop it off at the collection box located instore.

One winner each week which will be announced during the Friday Drive program.

No physical vouchers will be issued for this promotion. Winner will just need to present an ID when they fill up next at Transwest Fuels - CBD.

Starts Monday, 13 January 2020.

Terms and conditions apply.

Every weekday morning, around 8:10am, Howdy will play a mystery voice and open up the competition line 6766 1889,

for listeners to have a guess on who the gob is.

Guess it right and you WIN the cash!!!

Cash prize starts at $50 for every new gob and jackpots $20 everyday until we get a winner.

Thanks to our sponsor Shuttlelink Tamworth.

Application Now Open

For Valentine's Day, our AMY WANTS A TRADIE!

If you're a single tradie, aged 25 to mid 30s looking for love, send us your best photo and a little something about you to 0482 847 608.

Amy will select one tradie each day starting Monday, 27 January, to put on air and ask a few questions.

Selected daily tradies during the promotion period will be in the running to be Amy's ideal date on Valentine's Day which could be a start of a happily ever after love story.

Terms and conditions apply.