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ANZAC Day 2024 commemorative services for Gunnedah Shire


Dawn Service: 5:30am at the Cenotaph, Conadilly Street

Mid-morning march and service: march from 10:30am from Marquis Street. Official service commences at 10:45am at the Cenotaph.


Dawn Service: 5:00am at the Cenotaph, Hamilton Park, corner of Goran and Pike Streets.

Mid-morning service commences at 9:00am at the Cenotaph.


Dawn Service: 5:20am in Memorial Park, Tamba Street.

Mid-morning service commences at 10:45am


Mid-morning service at the Cenotaph, Kamilaroi Highway



From 5am - 6am:

* Elgin Street from McDonalds’ driveway to the car park adjacent to the council offices.

* Conadilly Street from Abbott Street to the mid-block, pedestrian crossing in Conadilly Street between Elgin Street and Marquis Street.

From 10am – 12pm:

* Conadilly Street from Tempest Street and Abbott Street5 with detours in place..

* Marquis Street between Conadilly Street and Little Conadilly Street.

* Elgin Street between Conadilly Street and McDonalds driveway.

* Chandos Street from Conadilly Street to Little Barber Street.


From 5am – 6am:

* Part intersection of Pike Street and Goran Street, Curlewis.

* Northern (TOP) side of Goran Street from Brown Street to Railway Street.

From 8:15am – 12pm:

* Northern (TOP) side of Goran Street from Brown Street to Railway Street.

* Pike Street between Donaldson Street and Goran Street.

* Small section of Railway Street, adjacent to the Commercial Hotel.


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